Friday, March 27, 2020

International Womensday- event 2020

On Sunday 8.3 we visited the Women’s day-event with the girls from Luchelele primary school the event was at  Furahisha stadium where the guest of honour was district commission of Nyamagana  The guest of honour  walked from tent to tent and the organizations got to present their work and their demands. We had provided the girls with matching T-shirts, and we also had a banderol that displayed our demand.
Afterwards there were many different performances. Mostly speeches, dance-performances and sketches.
For NIHEPs performance the girls had prepared a sketch that concerned our demand: that everyone needs to work to prevent pregnancy among young girls. The performance went very well, we could notice that the girls had improved a lot since the first times that we had rehearsed. They spoke very clearly and expressed themselves well, it seemed like they enjoyed the experience. Both the audience and the guest of honour seemed very impressed, the girls even got a price for their performance.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

New program for children with disabilities

Karibuni to read about new program that Ni Hekima Pekee has started in the primary school of Lwanhima. Program is working in the class for disabled children in Mwanza in the ward of Lwanhima. At the same time that program where taking it`s first steps, new volunteer Pihla from Finland jumped in to the work of Ni Hekima Pekee and will participate also in new program.
New program needs always planing, meetings, discussion and creativity. First step was-to visit the Lwanhima primary school to introduce Ni Hekima Pekee to the headmaster and teacher of the class. In the meeting we discussed about the coming program and how Pihla will be working in the classroom with teacher.
The aim of the program is to support disabled children in the Lwanhima ward to have equal possibilities to access school and to get education. The challenges that disabled children and their families experience are various.The class where Ni Hekima Pekee is working has just started in January, and it is still trying to reach families with disabled children in the ward to get access to the school. Children in class has different challenges and disabilities from physical to difficulties with communicating, learning and concentrating. Program aim is to support children to learn and have a education and that way to have possibilities to build up their future and reach their dreams.

The journey to the school takes time. Volunteers and workers use public transport which means one hour ride to the field. In the class is eleven pupils, but six of them are able to attend school at the moment.First thing is always getting to know each others as children felt a bit shy when Pihla started to work in the class. The aim with the school visits is to understand what kind of challenges children have in the school which are affecting their learning and evaluate the circumstances together with the teacher. Teacher is the one who is with the children everyday and have priceless information about the situation in the school.Pihla has visited school now four times. Together with the children she has been playing football and trying to learn letters and numbers. Some children in the class have been also included to other classes after one year studying in the class.

Beside that Ni Hekima Pekee is also doing home visits together with two teachers of the school once a week; Fridays. Conditions in family and home have great affect how child can concentrate and access to the school and learning new things. The purpose is together with the teachers and parents find the way to support children to get education and learn life-skills. So far Ni Hekima Pekee has participated six home visits. In the visits important thing is to respect family`s home and privacy as well as their knowledge about child`s needs, challenges and strength. Plan is to visit families that are in the class, as well as children who are not attend to school yet to see how we can support them to start studying.

Ni Hekima Pekee is using needs assessment as a tool to find out what kind of challenges families, children and communities have and how those challenges are affecting child's possibilities to have education. Ni Hekima Pekee is doing evaluation together with families, school, community and other organizations and policymakers to find the way to support children with disabilities to have future where to accomplish dreams.