Our projects

Ni hekima Pekee is running different programs and project
  •  Msichan thabiti 
  • Mtoto Mwerevu
  • Wasiliana 
  • mwili wangu ni mwili wangu
  • Tusome project 
  • parent support 
  • Education support 
 Msichan thabiti
Msichana thabiti is a project for girls in the age of 10-14 who are in school. The projects main aim is to help the girls develop an understanding for what is needed for a healthy life. Confidence is important for girls, as they aren’t encouraged as much as the boys. When they’re confident it is also easier to know what is good for them, and they can make decisions of themselves. It’s important for them to know how to make good choices in life, and understand what kind of consequences each decision has. One of the biggest risks for young girls is that they get pregnant or married early. There’s also a risk that they get mentally, physically or sexually abused. That’s why the project is also focusing on educating the girls on reproductive health and what their rights and responsibilities are.

 mwili wangu ni mwili wangu
We have started a new and a very important programme!
We want to encourage both children in Nursery School and also the girls from the Wasiliana Project to say; No!
We are using a programme called My Body is My Body - Mwili Wangu Ni Mwili Wangu. 
It is a well prepared programme that suits children from 3-10 years but also works very well in older ages.
The programme brings up questions and educates in a simple way how to talk about abuse. It teaches children that nobody has the right to hurt or abuse you in any way.
This programme will empower the children so they know what to do if there is a problem. It is very important to keep it simple because, young children don't need to know all the details about abuse. But they need to know that they have the right to say No and know their boundaries. If they see or hear something, then they know who they can talk to. And they should not keep it a secret. This is something that is important for both girls and boys.

Mtoto Mwerevu

Mtoto Mwerevu project is the project for addressing stunting in Tanzania by improving early childhood development and reduce the prevalence of stunting among Tanzanian children aged less than 5 years with focusing on the first 1000 days of life from conception.
Mtoto Mwerevu project aims to reduce stunting among children less than 5 years of age by at least 7 % points and low birth weight by at least 3 % points through transforming and sustaining behaviors, building capacity and investing in maternal, infant and young child feeding, early childhood development, hygiene and sanitation, promoting Homestead food production and addressing gender imbalances.

Girl Support: the project meant to give education access to young girls, communication and reporting skills, create and raise their self-confidence and empower them with life skills especially sub-urban  in Nyamagana district Mwanza region.Activities carried out together with community by organizing different sessions:  football, netball and other different sessions for the young girls, from these sessions girls are able to share and empowered in different knowledge and skills. The project creates platform where young girls share and voice their concerns.
 Education support 
Education support:  is meant for the most vulnerable children and most vulnerable orphan children. Our aim of this projectis to help those who have not attend school or have drop out school. We have been providing these children with school supplies uniforms, exercise books and other equipments also creative activies at schools to engourage children, increase their confidence and help them to share things with other people.
Ceative activities meant to see and know what kind of talents kids have. By creative activities we also tried to see how vulnerable kids can get along with other kids

parent support

Parent support is linking closely to children education support. We started this project when visiting parents living with vulnerable children; we found out that most of the parents are in vulnerable condition widows and people living with HIV. As a solution to this problem parents thought they should have small business to have income and to take care of their families. In this project we are creating parent groups to work with also using these groups as their platform to raise their voice and share their needs for the betterment of the children.